Lucas Vieira Teixeira

Lucas Vieira Teixeira
Alexandre Suaide

Quark Gluon Plasma has valuable information that can be provided through heavy quarks,
particles produced in heavy ion collisions. In the current scenario, several models are
available that strive to decipher and better understand the properties of the medium. Each
model has tools that can provide information about the plasma of quarks and gluons,
but we still have situations that remain unresolved. This proposal brings with
it questions about the permanence of properties attributed to the QGP to remain in small
systems. Heavy particles are essential in this scenario, as they are generated in initial
moments of the collision and its properties allow them to bring with them information
about interactions throughout the evolution of the system. However, the analysis and
comparison between experimental data and theoretical or phenomenological predictions in
the area of heavy particles are not able to fully explain the coupling of heavy quarks with
the medium and subsequent processes. I work with this area.